"Our Power Is The Price"

My Home was established in 1993 in Tirana as a manufacturing and trading company. Since then, the company has expanded its activity in other areas, adapting to the rapid pace of changes and demands of the Albanian market. In her early years our company motto was : “Our Power Is The Price”. With the support of serious and strategic foreign partners, the activity of our company has expanded and perfected.


Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the level of this cooperation at maximum by using our decades of experience and our partners international experience. Also to increase this cooperation between us and our partners at maximum levels. We are aware that there will be significant needs in the energy and construction sector in the future, so our work will be more focused in this direction, finding the collaborators who are interested and are capable of realizing serious projects in these areas.

Our Projects

In cooperation with various international foundations and associations, we have transformed a large part of schools across the Albanian territory, by supplying them with the most contemporary means, giving added value to Albania education. We are witness to a strong development of the Albanian market over the past thirty years, which has been associated with the creation of serious, well-reputed and complete firms with infrastructure to develop serious activities at national levels. Our projects are in the construction and energy field, cooperating with local firms and combining these projects with international companies interested in our market.

Why Choose Us



We are always available to be a friendly co-worker for your activity and to facilitate you, enabling the realization of your goal.



All our staff members and associates are qualified with all the knowledge you need for the respective fields.



Our rich experience in different fields has made us well acquainted with the needs of the Albanian market and ready to be a serious partner for you.